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・Before you begin reading,,,
Base of the “Works Masa” is always standing in the scientific point of view. (I’m not a scientist, I believe the science. With science is that stacked the hypothesis is a place for the hypothesis of the eternity. Rather than the theory of absolute, can explain the principles and phenomena well it more but .
Galileo and Newton’s theory, Einstein is said to already classical physics. I do not doubt that this is occult in the sense they already are convenient In other words, in the latest scientific mainstream that is not strictly speaking.
Is the position in this world that is “a priori” to be representative, not absolute ones such as “God” or “destiny”. Of course, is the position that no other world. I think so, to who you are “blind faith” to “religion” or “spiritual” extremely non-hobby and joke and do not fit (. In the sense that spatial information is present, but the reality is that it does not).
And “Works Masa” is something
I, as presiding over a large Takada, full-scale start-up was from summer 2011. Healing Seminar “AVATER Jake” super voice technology for technology Qigong Qigong Qigong classes and remote to target national, IQ-up and anti-aging diet, the song will be well in major cities, the realization of a dream, by remote treatment We are to teach Qigong and various technologies. As of April 2012, the number of people experience of Qigong has risen to 1,100 in less than one year.
System of “WORKS Masa” now, you delimit the one in the remote qigong master training course of Sendai and Fukuoka in April 2012. Shape, it does not may vary and may not be changed.
Conveniently as appropriate words such as “” chakra “” healing “rewriting of the unconscious,” a convenient word called “Qigong” is still “rewrite of the internal representation” “counseling” “hypnosis” or “coaching” I will continue with I am going through. (“Qigong” real-serious is the occult origin of religion. The effectiveness of such treatment, but do not deny, however, why there is a pitfall. I avoid is the disclosure of information on a grand scale in this blog.)
Changes in time, you’re starting from the inner change. Growth is a level of abstraction of the goal is going up by knowledge and experience.
Not a feature man named homeostasis tries to continue to copy his currently has the original, creative unconscious free will and the ultimate go toward the goal force from the future and vice versa, and want to rather is the change brought about by the activity.
The future, members wantto go to the activities of independent free lot across the country is born. (And. Also from the world) and you will meet on a regular basis, in the information space is always connected to go. I want to go to such a system.
“Works Masa”, we will continue to raise the level of abstraction.
“Works Masa”, we will be set to “raise the master field” going to make the next generation of leaders and teachers. I think for that, I hope to always speak the goals of the future raised the level of abstraction.
Role as incubator of the leaders of the free field.
If you talk a little bit, on the surface of the human race was stopped game “real king” in (1789) the French Revolution about 200 years ago. Even though it looks like they’re big and then continues to change, the mechanics of small and large pyramids of layer by the ruler was outdated and are still followed. You can gain the freedom of true 100 years, 200 years, is the vision of at least 300 years in the future.
However, I think the story was not so large that, as they are about to go their own can cause a change from the place at the level of reality. It also, are you going to do what you want to do. Level of abstraction will go up with nature.
This is not the same as “promises”, as saying that is different to you always.
Is the base of the “affirmations” of their own, so to speak. Not only from Japan but also, I want to interact with the world. Then, by sow the seeds with a solid future for humanity, I’d like to go also to increase the value of life to themselves. (Strictly speaking, the universe, each one does not exist only in their cognitive science.)
It is to continue to contribute to the freedom to more people, including the world of the future. More specifically, there will be any field, you do not mind doing. Not that make the organization, such as that you want to help something.
Only, you are free to draw your goal, I want a life free. That is the wish of me. So that very various forms, is doing If you raise the level of abstraction is converging on a single goal.
Shape and is nothing more than a map that reflects lower the level of abstraction. Is that the changes inside. Changes in the outside is not important.
Own way I am, “is to control the mind and brain, can be changed to state a more desirable life and physical condition of the people around himself and” people with the will “and areas of all countries, and how We will tell the “.
So, your goal it is also a goal of mine.
The goal is changed every day.

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