One rule : Life is One time. だから何?

ワンルール:ライフ イズ ワンタイム
There’s only one rule in “masaworks4u”.
That is… Life is only one time.
But it is a big different from you don’t have life.
Anyway you are living, somehow. I said “Somehow” because we don’t have any cue yet.
Let’s just leave that huge Question, anyway.
Well, why?
Don’t ask that Question Because we don’t have time to answer it.
Like I gatta meet my girl friend. 😀 That is more important thing in my life.
It takes like forever compare to our short life.
That Question will ruin you. Make you crazy, big time.
Because there is no answer for that “why” type of Question for LIFE.
That Question drops you in deep “Infinite loop” , you can never get out of it.
There is no reason. That’s simple answer from me.
If some IDEA or person told you any reason, it’s just story.
There is no reason why your iphone or Macbook exit in front of you right now.
It’s just happened.
Before Bigbang “happend”, before we exist, before we made our G thing(Giants guys!),before we wrote B things(Books!) offcourse.
There is no “a priori” in this world.
Let’s use our language in this “flat land”. You can say that your life is made by TIME. And it’s very short time.
Make your own role for yourself first, and your family, friends, neighbors, community, country, and the world, and next generation.
You can decide your own life. That’s things should be.


Life is one time.
OneRule, Life is one time.

Never say ” The king is naked!” in FLATLAND.

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