Need "remote healing lesson" ?

This is a ranking of the country visits.
# 1 Japan. (93%), # 2 USA. (5%), # 3 is China. # 4 is the United Kingdom and South Korea. #6 is Canada, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand .
Japanese:1位 日本 (93%)、2位アメリカ(5%)、3位中国、4位イギリス、韓国6位以下カナダ、タイ、オーストラリア、スイス、アイルランド、ニュージーランドです。
I didn’t know lot of people in the world is watching this blog before I check it, and I really appreciate it.
Most of readers in overseas might be Japanese, but I will try English just in case.
Hi, my name is Masahiro Takada, and I’m a Japanese distance healer.
if you can translate this blog in your PC. You can read more than 2700 articles from this blog. It is for about only 2 years history.
actually what I’m doing is helping people: for example, anti-aging or go on a diet, and any kind of remote healing off course.
By rewriting internal representation, which means to change client’s self-image in their unconsciousness.
Since the start 2011, I have experience of more than 2,000 people in the healing and rewriting internal representation by remote control.
I have been teaching many students hold a private class on and distant healing.
I think this time we would like to hold a class of small groups not only in Japan but also overseas.
My class is $ 5,000 in two days (5hrs each day) in Japan. but this time I will extend one more day for your question and work.
*need $ 2,000 more as other expenses such as transportation or staying costs if you want me to come to your country.
If you’re interested, please e-mail me. at

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