Dear my friends Alicia and Hugh! 日本語脳伝授!

Hi! Allie and Hugh! : )
That was nice talking to you guys.
Talking about Kikou(Qui gong)skill “Japanese Brain”
It’s already installed in your brain.
When you wanna use your “Japanese Brain”, It’s better to touch your ear and say ” Nihon go nou( にほんご のう)” in your mind. don’t have to speak out.
That what I call “trigger” for Kikou Skill “Japanese Brain”.
And just relax.
It might helps you when you listen, talk in Japanese.
You can hear and talk in Japanese way easier than before.
Very strange feeling, eh?
And watch Japanese home drama, not movie, same one/scene many times.
Try not to translate to English. Because situation tells you meanings.
Remember, words doesn’t have meanings, but meanings exist in each situation.
All meaning in conversations come out from relations between you and he/ she, in any language.
You need to get this algorithm, first of all.
Then you can look down whole scenery of human language from over the top of linguistic science kinda mountain.
It’s not a way like how to beat your “critical age of language”.
Critical age show up when you try to make second or third language IN/ON your native language.
You can’t beat “critical age” because it’s already preinstalled in our brains, somehow.
So, just try to create totally brand- new 2nd language brain.
Awesome, hah?
But it is not Magic, you need some effort, try to touch lot of Japanese.
It’s like good sports car. Even though you got good high speed car, you still need hard practices to win races.
See how it works!
Tell me if you feel some effect.
and please leave your message/comment , if you see this.
Healer Masa
if you are not Japanese and studying Japanese (conversation).
I wii install ” Qui gong / Kikou Skill ” called “Japanese Brain”
Only 5 people, for “FREE” !
Leave your comment here.
After I install the skill, I notice you by also comment.
Please check the skill when you use Japanese.
Carefully compare to feeling or ability of listening and speaking in Japanese, and feedback to me by leave your comment in here again within a week.
Otherwise “Japanese Brain” will be UNINSTALLED automatically.
Instruction is up word only.

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